Canadian woman living in the forest

Nature lover.
Best friends with 4 soft n purries and 1 cute and howly.
Organic, raw food fanatic.
4 on the floor turntablist (Detroit techno, Schranz, Minimal, Acid, Tech house, High Tech Soul - on the 1's and 2's) old school club kid/raver
late 30's, disabled, fat, asexual,

CONSTANTLY researching: Civil rights/human rights movements, history, politics/government, neuroscience (I have Neuro Behcet's Disease, and Fibromyalgia as such I've become very interested in the brain and nervous system) physics, astronomy, permaculture/food foresting, etymology to entomology, all different forms of feminism from liberal to radical (but most definitely leaning towards radical).
I'm interested in so many things it's impossible to list them all.

I’m quite beginning to like my little blue foot-torture devices. It’s still amazing to me that women dance in these. And run down streets! It’s incredible. 

Anyways, the dress that Sara Gold made out of 200 year old materials. We’re calling it Neuvo Rococo. :)

And some fun shots of bloomers, corsets, stockings and heels at 6 am as the sun was coming over the mountains.

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